Welcome To Fox Tracks Print & Marketing Solutions

Recognizing a gap between the large advertising and media agencies and clients piecing together their advertising and communication projects between different sources (graphic designers, web designers, print shops, sign shops and mail houses),  Fox Tracks Print & Marketing Solutions has emerged as a full-service, cross media marketing company.  Since our inception in 1993, we have continued to evolve into becoming a leader in the marketing community.  We were one of the first companies in the Twin Cities to introduce interactive cross media marketing services, such as personalized targeted marketing, EDDM campaigns, data mining, custom websites, mobile websites, QR codes, personalized URLs, email marketing, creative design and copywriting content for our clients.  The combination of these tools have achieved some remarkable results…

We work with the understanding that the  ideal way to help clients is to recognize their goals, obstacles and challenges and then use our technical innovations, and business development experience to deliver efficient, cost-effective marketing solutions to meet our customer’s goals.  Our ultimate mission is your ROI!

By integrating digital marketing solutions with traditional marketing channels and targeting a selective demographic, geographic and points of interest, we provide clients the latest tools and technologies to capture new leads and connect to new opportunities.

We have a genuine and sincere desire and necessity to help our clients meet ALL of their marketing objectives in the most time and cost efficient tactics and strategies.