Direct Marketing Services in Minnesota

Minneapolis MN, Saint Paul MN, Rochester MN, Duluth MN, Bloomington MN

Direct Mail Minneapolis

Fox Tracks makes direct mail easy and affordable for business of all sizes. Our service options help you reach your customers anywhere in the U.S. on any budget. From strategy and expert design to professional printing and mailing services, We can handle all of your direct mail needs under one roof. Whether you’re looking to target a specific audience or blanket the area around your business, we’ve got direct mail services to help you accomplish your marketing goals.


Our team will create eye-catching mail pieces that help you stand out in the mailbox.  Images and compelling copywriting are included in our professional design services


Our in-house printing capabilities allow us to produce any campaign with precision and efficiency. Your pieces will always be printed in perfectly on high-quality paper or card stock for a polished and professional look.

Mailing List

If you choose our data services option, a direct mail expert will work with you to build a mailing list that targets the right people while staying within your budget. If you supply us your list, we’ll make sure your list is clean and accurate so you’re not wasting money mailing to undeliverable addresses or the wrong people.


We work closely with the USPS to get you the lowest bulk rate postage rates by formatting our pieces for any available discounts. We also standardize your addresses and verify every piece of mail using our in-house USPS post office to take advantage of additional discounts for automation.

EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail 

We offer this low cost highly effective neighborhood method for mailing routes throughout the United States – Click Here To Learn More