Social Media Made Easy

Do you have a social media strategy?

There are two main reasons to post: Educating your  audience or promoting information about your business or organization.. Both are useful, but you want to make sure that you have a good marketing mix in your message between posting education information and using it as a way to reach and engage your audience, and promote your services.

Another vital part of your social media strategy is your content calendar and deciding what you’re going to post and where to post it. How many of your posts will be evergreen, content that doesn’t have an expiry date (like testimonials) vs. timely content such as an event or sale.

Who will manage your social media?

Can a business owner expect to handle social media him or herself? What about the office manager? Will it be someone internal or external?

It makes sense that whoever handles most of your marketing efforts should be in charge of social. They are the most familiar with your message and will know what makes sense to post and what doesn’t.

Fox Tracks can help.  From channel set-up, posting strategy and planning, content  creation and images or help you with tools to help you auto schedule and manage your posting.